Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Isaac Otto Lim

March 18, 2020

Dear Honorable Sir/Mdm,

This particular instrument to me is a lifesaver as I could proceed to hedge some risk and enhance the portfolio returns in a flexible manner.

I understood the risk involve and thus believe what I'm doing is correct and it is my own judgement to invest in such instrument. Had you taken this choice away, it would be no difference from a 3rd world country (such as china) which is not a transparent market and offering limited financial instrument.

As such losing its credibility as well as the "spirit of a free market".

The Americans are known for ingenuious thinking and their free democratic system which is a Laissez-faire system and the country thrive on that. Please don't ruin these companies' future by limiting their ability to provide to the market. If this product doesn't serve its purpose. I'm pretty sure these company would not offered it anyway as it is more of a cost to them than of benefit. Thus you are limiting the firm's contribution to the US and global economy.

I seeking your kind understanding in making a sound decision. One that will benefit all and that will continue to preserve the transparency and creditable financial market. One that the world trust. One that the world believe in.

Thank you and god bless America.