Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Dan Barlow

March 16, 2020

Dear SEC Regulators:
I am writing to ask you to please not take away my freedoms and current rights to invest in the market, as I see best, including in inverse and leveraged funds. I invest my own IRA accounts through Fidelity, which is a great brokerage firm and platform. That's the great thing about investing in America, is all the freedoms that we do have with many different options available, including the above type of funds, whether we do so through a broker or invest ourselves.
These leveraged and inverse funds are very important to me, to give me enhanced returns, at times, or as a hedge of protection for my portfolio. I have been investing for 4 yrs., taken courses, read many materials, and learned from the Pros. I understand these types of funds and know how they work. I would rather make a bad choice and lose money on my own, than lose opportunity, because a third party regulates me from or has an evaluation process that keeps me from making investments that could benefit my portfolio.
Here in America, we have a long, cherished history of free public markets, where we are able to make our own decisions with securities, without limitations being placed on us, by government agencies. Please don't take away our free markets and limit or take away my ability to invest in inverses and leveraged funds.
Thank you very much for keeping the markets free and open for investors.