Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Didier Roland

March 15, 2020

Hi, I came to know about new proposed regulations regarding potential limitations to trading leveraged and inverse funds. Although I think I understand the idea behind this measure, which is to bring some level of protection to traders/investors, I think it's also a freedom violation. The trading risks associated with such funds are clearly stated in the prospectus associated with them. Every investor knows the potential risk there is even in traditional stock investing. Those funds offer diversification in terms of what products are available to traders/investors. For example they offer the ability to short the market if one thinks is what should be done, or they allow you to be exposed to a particular sector in a simple fashion. I'm an active trader and I check my brokerage account many times per day because I know I have to watch how those funds perform on a daily basis, especially if the trading choice I made is not the right one. Some level of regulation is good, too much regulation is counter productive. In my opinion, this is the investor/trader's responsibility and not the brokerage firm's to read and understand the prospectus to assess the risk and whether or not they feel comfortable with the level of risk associated with these funds. In that regard I'd like you to consider the above and I wish this proposal will not be adopted. Thanks.