Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Dawn L Harris

March 13, 2020

I think that there should be no more constraints put on the freedom of the investor trading ETFs(bull, bear, 3x leveraged, or all LI ETFs) over an above other investors freedom of trading options buying or shorting puts or calls, or buying public Equity LLCs for other types of financial instruments that have additional tax stipulations on filings or dividend payouts. Currently for those instruments at your brokerage firm a warning is provided before you place the trade so you are motivated to ensure you do ample research before making the trade. I would agree with warning being provided before placing a trade.

However I am strongly against restricting or removing the ability to trade these ETFs, requiring excessive financial data, tracking my login history (because I believe that is no indication of how often I check the action in the security)

In my opinion and experience and observation this is solely being put in place to prevent then general public from having the ability to hedge against the market. Or trade bull or bear on a security linked to an Oil or Gold index freely. I have no personal interest in trading options, I believe they are extremely risky, much more so than the 3X LI ETFs available. The general public has very limited options to buy financial instruments to hedge against falling indexes. Some brokerage houses already do not trade these ETFs and if you are an investor looking for a brokerage house of that nature the free market has already made those types of brokerage houses available such as Edward Jones.

I do not agree with ALL the points in the current proposal and believe that any regulation proposed should be limited to placing a warning or the trade, or at the very most be equal to the requirements placed on investors who request to trade options both Long and Short Call and Put trading.