Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Cary Brown

March 12, 2020

I am a personal investor who has been investing since 1998. I have created analysis engines for indexes, stocks, and options I have invested in previously.

After learning about ProShares leveraged indexes: TQQQ, SQQQ in 2019 I performed a similar analysis to see if this was something I was comfortable investing in. My research yielded the answer as yes and I further invested over 1000 of my personal hours creating software which will monitor, evaluate and assist me with investing in the TQQQ index.

I am not day trading TQQQ, but remain focused on the long term holding it. So far it has performed well and is a major part of my wealth generation plan extending over the next years.

I was greatly concerned when I received an email notice yesterday stating that the SEC was considering actions to possibly not allow me to use this security as a part of my portfolio. With all of the actual high risks in the market, including cryptocurrencies, penny stocks, and options where both experienced and inexperienced investors alike can lose greatly, I don't see how being allowed to own TQQQ/SQQQ is more risky than having a margin enabled brokerage account and purchasing anything.

What can be done to ensure I am able to continue investing in TQQQ according to my existing plan? The SEC surely should allow the many tax paying investors like myself the opportunity to create investment strategies which include leveraged index funds like TQQQ without unduly regulations.

The historical data for these indexes are available as with any other investables. This provides the same mechanisms for enabling investors to make informed decisions regarding including it as a part of their investment strategy.

After investing so much time and consideration into adding TQQQ specifically as a key piece of my investing strategy, it would be devastating to me personally if actions were taken to prevent me from continuing with my plan.

This plan is what gives me hope for a chance to live a good life outside of corporate America in the future prior to my health erroding too much from the stresses of my job as a Chief Software Engineer.

Don't take away available investment options from the investing community, all American's deserve to have access to these tradables.

Thank You,
Cary Brown