Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Joseph Malnar

March 13, 2020

Enter your comments here. I use leveraged funds like SPXL, a 3x bullish fund based on the SP500 during panic times like now because I normally sell some of my 50 or so stocks during part of the downturn and wait for the panic to seem to partly run its course and then scale into the market using SPXL to at least partly get closer to the net worth I had before the panic by participating in any rally. Right now I have 650 shares of SPXL, a loss of 15% and buy orders in increments of 50 shares down to a price of $30 for the stock. SPXL hit a low of $27.27 in Dec of 2018 it is now entering over sold territory and could easily hit $30 per share. I hope to see a rally before $27, but life is not always cooperative.
I'm 83 and always managed my own portfolio. I retired at 57.