Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: paul buechel

March 12, 2020

Hello Yes, it was very concerning to hear of the proposal to make it much more difficult or even preventive for one to buy leveraged and inverse vehicles. I have invested in these instruments now for about 14 years, and I feel that these are beneficial, for private investors, not just the large institutions. I feel that the private investor should also be able to protect one's portfolio, and have at least some of the same advantages the large institutions and hedgefunds have, especially as limited as we already are relative to these entities. To me this is another restriction of the freedom of the individual investor, which I am strongly against. I do not believe America works this way. There have been no problems which have been demonstrated evidentially and with certainty thus far, regarding these instruments. This is a precedent which has never occurred previously, and again I am very concerned with this, and the entire system, esp. if this is just potentially the tip of the iceberg for many more regulations and rules which seek to limit we private investors, even more than we already are being limited. These securities are very important in my opinion, giving us the extra ability to protect our portfolio, and I have never had problems understanding what they are or their performance. These are clearly stated, in the documents, either online or on paper, for any investor who wants to look. Any government- imposed limitations on specific groups of investors is certainly an imposition upon the American way of business which these markets have endured in, for so many years. Thank you, for considering my input.