Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Andrew Cole

March 12, 2020

To the Securities and Exchange Commission:
Leveraged and inverse funds are, and have been an important part of my portfolio for years. Leveraged funds have allowed me to seek enhanced returns to help offset the increasing costs of living. It costs $6 for four chicken wings and fried rice. It used to cost $2. It's $2.75 to ride the subway. It used to cost 35 cents. I'm fully capable of understanding leveraged and inverse funds and their reward and risk performance characteristics. I fully read all prospectuses of anything I invest in and don't want or need a third-party evaluating my capability to do something I've already been doing for more than 10 years or being prevented from purchasing them. I want and would appreciate it if you would preserve the long-standing free public markets where investors and their advisors have the freedom to buy public securities without additional government-imposed limitations on investor choice. In today's world many people are doing illegal things to make money. As leveraged and inverse fund investors, we are making honest money. Please don't take away our opportunity to do the right things.