Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Beverly Hallett

March 12, 2020

To the representatives of the SEC:

I am EXTREMELY concerned over your proposal to limit the access to leveraged and inverse funds. My husband and I have lost a lot of equity in the stock market because we did not properly time our investments and the extreme reversals and volatility were difficult to deal with. These instruments are a part of the total investment planning that we do, and your restriction on them will, no doubt, affect the demand for them and subsequently cause irreparable harm to our assets. What do you think will happen to the market for these products if you restrict the purchase of them? This is BAD FOR INVESTORS and the ability of the normal investor to hedge his position in the this market. This is especially true at a time when asset values are so overpriced.

THIS IS UNNECESSARY. Please explain why there is a problem with these types of positions? In fact, they play a very important part in restricting the out of control assent in the market where unskilled investors can purchase assets and not be aware how overpriced they are. I guess it is OK because they are BUYING. I would hate to see what is going to happen to these unfortunate young people who buy TSLA at $650.00 and lose their capital. You are not proposing the restriction to them for buying at high PE's or nonexistent PE's. How can you restrict our free market rights? So, THIS IS A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT. What else are you going to restrict?

Let me reiterate: Your restriction on these investments will materially affect my family's ability to protect itself on the market and enhance our return. I go into these funds with a complete understanding of that they are. We need to be free to make the choices we feel are right for us and our perspective of the market and the underlying economic conditions. If you approve this proposal, you will harm our assets because the market for them will disappear. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

Thank you for you consideration in hearing my appeal and thoughts.

Beverly Hallett