Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: keith kuhrt

March 12, 2020

Regarding LI funds: This is almost a joke from my personal experiences starting from 1980 to present. I began trading soybeans in the 1980 summer drought. I can honestly say I knew nothing except soybeans didn't thrive in drought. I took the 8000. I'd saved up and came ever so close to having a great return, alas by the end of summer the 8000 was gone and I now understood risk. Since then I've traded everything from options to T-bonds and my favorite Pork bellies. My 401K thankfully allows one to use a self-directed account. I used to go crazy watching the market go down and not been able to participate. The use of inverse ETFs is my idea of solving that problem. If you feel you must interfere, than perhaps ask the one question of clients. Could you loose 7% of your account in a matter of minutes and know what to do next? It happened to me and now I'm up 30% in 10 days. Never give up.