Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Angelika Barishnikov

March 11, 2020

To whom it may concern.
I was insulted by the letter I received. What made anyone assume that you know the level of my education on trading stocks and my financial situation as well as my ability to assess the risks? This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard that a person like myself, age 54, and been trading stocks at my own risk with my own money many times in the past does not know what I am doing I do not need to log to my account all the time to know the situation on the Market. I mostly check for the Market updates on my computer using a different financial site that does not sell stocks but provides the information, news, and stocks updates. If I do not log in to my account often, it is because my stocks were purchased by me for the long term to keep, for a several years. I am not one of those panick type who sold every time there is a changee. I believe the stock will make me money in a long run. This is why I left it and do not concern about ups and downs. By the way it does make me money so far, so why is it you are bothering me? Also, It is surprising to see this letter, when I only invested a very small amount on 100 shares only. It hardly can make anyone broke, if I did lose the money on this stock. Let me remind you once again that this is my money and this is a free country - not socialism So, leave it up to me, you do not need to "care" about my financial situation. I know what I am doing. My broker, TD Ameritrade, did provide full explanation of the risks and it was my choice to invest as I have no problem with investing in those stocks. I am aware that I got to pay greater commitions on this stock if I made a profit and I am not selling it any time soon. I am against of any socialists control over my account.