Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Blane Lowe

March 11, 2020

I am very concerned with the proposed regulations seeking to limit trading access to leveraged and inverse funds. I have been using such vehicles in my portfolio as tools to hedge gains and manage the risk exposure. Even though I recognize the additional risks that are inherent in such funds, I hold them for relatively brief periods of time and they have served me well overall.

I routinely monitor all of my accounts on a daily basis as I do make occasional trades. The accounts containing any LI vehicles are monitored on nearly every trading day with very few exceptions.

I am appalled by the notion that a brokerage, (people who only know me from a business standpoint) would be empowered to "judge" my ability to assess risk that is clearly laid out in any prospectus that I have ever read. I believe strongly in personal accountability and thus largely make my own trading decisions and enjoy the positive and learn from the negative consequences of each trade.

The brokerage firms that I utilize have pop-ups that alert me to inherent risks of the funds I am seeking to trade. I am yet to encounter any surprises in my trading activity based upon my investments in such funds and it is highly unlikely that I will ever be in a state of confusion regarding these risks.

I firmly believe that my prior trading experience with these types of investment vehicles should provide ample evidence that I am capable of employing them to manage my portfolio in the future.