Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Ryan Reiche

March 11, 2020

Enter As a middle class investor, I am fully aware of the risks associated with LI funds. I monitor closely the LI fund I have chosen to invest my money in. I also understand that these are not, or should not, be long term holdings. I dont log into my account on a daily basis but I watch the LI prices daily so I know exactly what my funds are doing. I dont think anyone should have the right to decide whether or not I am capable of knowing what to do with MY money. If I make a bad investment, that is on me, no one else. No one in the government should be able to decide that Americans are incapable of investing their money, I mean think of the immense hubris the government, specifically the SEC, has to make those claims. Short of a court finding a person is incapable of making their own choices and assigning estate responsibilities to someone else, no one should be able to decide what I do with my money but me. Additionally, no one should be able to tell brokerage firms what funds their investors should be able to invest their money in. I have been investing in LI funds for years. I have made some money and I have lost some money but I did so being fully capable of understanding the risk, which included warnings from my brokerage firms. I am currently in an LI fund (ERX) at a low point and I need to weather the storm so if the SEC precludes me from investing in an LI and forces a trade, I would lose everything. Please do not do that. Thank you.your comments here.