Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Philip Yun

March 11, 2020

I understand the characteristics and risks of LI Funds. It is a fast and highly risky investment. I have traded stocks for the past ten years. I am very cautious in trading L I Funds. I do not usually hold more than 30 days of this investment due to the risk and fast moving nature of this fund. When I have this fund, I am constantly monitoring the news of oil market, OPEC+, and middle east news. I study a lot about this fund. For example, I was watching the development of Corona Virus in Asia, Iran, Italy and USA. I checked the daily patient numbers and death ratio. I log in to my account almost every 30 minutes while the market is open. Even though I believe I have total confidence in trading this LI Funds, I would welcome ETrade to advise me and to have the right to decide whether I am qualified to trad this fund. ETrade has the capacity and expertise in stock investments to teach and direct me. I always found that stock trading is a humbling experience. I received notices from my company on a regular basis and this helps me to confirm my trade. I received prospectus from ETrade which helps me to know about this fund. I know this fund. You may check my portfolios and transactions. You will see that I have professional experience in trading this L I fund. My track record could prove that I am qualified to continue trading L I Funds under the new proposed regulations. As I stated earlier, I know the risk of L I Funds. I am very watchful on this investment all the time.