Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Katerina Popova

March 11, 2020

Enter your comments here.As the rules stand, these proposed regulations by the SEC would be 1) completely unprecedented 2) significantly unwarranted. An attempt to prop up the markets through these measures would not significantly curtail losses, as these funds make tiny, minor contributions to the overall market price. Furthermore, disallowing purchases or curtailing purchases would drop the price of my family's retirement savings dramatically. There is no plan for compensation of share holders under this plan, and if we lose significant funds we will be forced to extreme financial hardship in a time of medical risk as well. We strongly urge in no uncertain terms that the SEC do not curtail at all purchases or sales of this fund, as the open market principle is fundamental to the US capital markets. Furthermore, if enacted we will certainly sue as this is clearly an example of government overreach. We will plan on joining other owners in class action lawsuits to file for takings in breach of all precedent and law. Respectfully, a concerned citizen.