Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Michael Franco

March 11, 2020

I am in favor of holding these LI Funds over long periods of time, as it gives great opportunity to follow trends in the market with great financial potential to be rewarded. I find the risk to be worth the potential gain. As an investor of LI Funds over the past several years, I closely monitor the daily performance of these types of funds. On a daily basis, I monitor my LI Funds at a minimum of once per hour, or more , to insure my options of either redemption or further investment.

I feel that with my financial experience and knowledge I have gained throughout my adult life, I am sufficiently capable of properly determining the risk levels of each of my investments. I do not feel the need to have any brokerage firm, broker, or any financial institution being the deciding factor on whether I should or should not invest in my desired funds, equities, ETFs, etc. I depend on my lifetime of experience and knowledge to guide me through my tolerated risk level.

Additionally, my brokerage firms are excellent in their advice to me of all possible risks of each of my chosen investments. I am always opened to their advice and suggestions, and, I have great confidence in their abilities to advise me accordingly.

After my many years of having invested in LI Funds, I have learned of the pros and cons of such investments. Aside from my textbook knowledge of investing in LI Funds, my years of experience have enabled me to become more proficient at making the best decisions to seek my financial goals. I, therefore, am the best one to determine the prospects of my financial future.

Finally, I am currently in favor of the continuing ability to openly personally invest in LI Funds at my will, and, would like to see no further changes made in my ability to do so.
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