Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: James Kinzeler

March 11, 2020

I certify that I understand the characteristics and risks of LI Funds.
I fully understand that there is increased risk associated with holding these daily beta products for longer periods of time, and I belong to an investment/trading group by Avi Gilburt where most of those who are professional traders in the group do not hold such funds overnight, and I rarely do. Furthermore those of us, including myself who do hold these overnight on occasion, are logged into our brokerage accounts all day long and monitor our LI Fund positions during market hour and oftentimes check them during aftermarket and pre-market hours as well.
It is absolutely ludicrous and a violation of our free market system that the government, the SEC, or any brokerage firm should have the right to decide whether I am sufficiently capable to assess risk, or to disqualify me from trading
LI Funds or any other publicly offered investment.
This will only serve to further enhance the profits of the large hedge funds, the investment banks, and other wealthy institutions and individuals unfairly over the smaller investors and is absolutely unpatriotic, unAmerican and unConstitutional.
My brokerage firm, IB, gives me plenty of the warnings in connection
with my investments in LI Funds. In connection with this, given the disclosure of the
Prospectus and the attention in the media and the warnings provided by your
brokerage firms, I do not think it is likely that I could possibly fail to understand the risks of
LI Funds
I do not believe that brokerage firms should be digging into my personal finances or qualifications for trading these instruments, because I believe that the Founding Fathers emphasized America is a land of 'THE FREE' AND NOT A LAND OF TYRANNICAL CONTROL FROM THE RULING ELITE... I HAVE PRIOR USE OF THESE FUNDS, BUT I BELIEVE OTHERS SHOULD HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO TRADE THEM AS WELL.... Prior use of LI Funds could automatically qualify you to continue trading LI Funds under the proposed regulations BUT THEN YOU ARE ACTING AS A TYRANNICAL RULING CLASS AND IT IS TOTALLY UNAMERICAN AND VERY DESTRUCTIVE TO FREE CAPITAL MARKETS