Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Ralph Tyson

March 11, 2020

My background: I am 81 years old, retired engineer, who invested in stocks about 20 years ago. In Dec2018 my investments went from +37% to -19%.

Comments on S7-24-15
I invest in stocks and ETFs in both brokerage accounts and my IRA. I have invested in leveraged and inverse ETF for years. I know there are risks involved and I understand the potential for losses. After 2008/2009 and Dec2018 I can accept the reality of losses.

I have Vanguard accounts and last year they informed me that I couldnt buy leveraged ETF. I believe they think it isnt the right investment for their clients. Fidelity, based on my past, allowed me to invest in leveraged ETFs.

I believe leveraged ETFs are not for everyone.
Who plays God? SEC? Each brokerage? Is a test given before investment in allowed? (My Fidelity account is 100% leveraged.)
For new investors, perhaps a limit of 20% of assets the first year in leveraged and inverse investments with incremental increases.
nter your comments here.