Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: James Dill

March 11, 2020

I don't know what is proposed But I know that these are programs designed by companies or the stock exchange? Who are given permission by our crooked Government to outright steal the working man's money without any recourse to getting it back.
I have purchase several of them only to have the shares on one side vanish from the market by reverse splits and the one it represented had nothing done whatsoever to it Example the (QID) is the opposite of the (QQQ). After buying several thousand shares of (QID) I may have 10 or
15 of them now and not one single share of (QQQ) was ever given a reverse stock split????
(UVXY) started off in the thousands of dollars
and the only time it ever went up in price was when it had a reverse stock split.
The SEC can look at the price of it as I type and its price is $52.90 and that is a far cry from the
thousands of dollars it started out with.
Why don't you send this information to someone
who would really cares that the Investor may lose his ability to buy these funds????????
They are not designed to be an investment they are designed to outright steal a mans hard earned money without any hope of ever getting it back.
BUT THEN WHAT YOU POOR SOULS DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THAT YOUR GOING TO BE FACEING THE SAME (GOD) THAT I AM. I don't believe your going to be given a pass for just stealing a PERSONS MONEY WITHOUT ANY RECOURSE I know I have tried for years to make your investments work for me and I am
dirt poor from having tried.
You said to put it in my own words and I did.
The funny part is you tell the working person not
to hold them over night and there are billions of shares sold. How can there be any activity in the market if no one held them from one day to the next??????
Sincerely, James P. Dill