Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Ward Rice

March 10, 2020

I understand the characteristics and risks of trading LI Funds, and I have been trading such funds for the past 5+ years. As a result of my trading such products, I am well aware of the risks associated with holding these daily beta products for longer periods of time. I do monitor my LI Fund positions multiple times a day, and have alerts set with my brokerage firms to notify me of any price targets as those price targets are achieved. My brokerage firm should not have the right to decide
whether I am sufficiently capable to assess risk, or to disqualify me from trading LI Funds or any other publicly offered investment. My brokerage firm already provides detailed information in connection
with my investments in LI Funds. Given the disclosures in the
Prospectus I already receive from my brokerages, it is not likely that I would fail to understand the risks of trading LI Funds. As I already have experience trading LI Funds for the past 5+ years, I should automatically qualify to continue trading LI Funds should the proposed regulations be adopted, although my vote would be not to adopt these regulations as I think the regulations proposed establish a dangerous precedent by allowing brokerages to determine what I can and cannot trade. That right should belong to the the individual who has been appropriately informed of any risks prior to trading the product, and the SEC would be exceeding their authority by adopting these new regulations, and abrogating individual rights.