Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: carlton Hobgood

March 10, 2020

Enter your comments here. Like most Americans, I do not have access to a company sponsored pension anymore. My company froze our pension several years ago, and makes additional contributions to its employees 401k accounts, in lieu of a pension. Therefore, I must depend on self directing the largest single asset, other than our home to fund our retirement, and not be a burden on my children or the gov't. I use leveraged indexes to grow, as well as hedge my account. For example, as of 3/10/20, I have been able to continue to make new highs in my 401K by having access to TMF (3x bonds), while not adding additional volatility to the already highly volatile stock market, as I would have, had I been forced to sell my shares of the stocks I own to minimize my risk. Instead, I was able to easily purchase shares of TMF, and maintain my stock portfolio. So please do not create barriers to my investment options. The gov't job is to create a fair playing field in the markets, not decide what I can and cannot invest in, provided there is full transparency into the invest options available.