Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Rosen Kotsev

March 10, 2020

Dear SEC Representative,

Do not limit the choice and freedom of my investment decisions.

I strongly believe the proposed regulations are:

1. Bad for Investors. If the proposal is adopted, I benefit from the enhanced return and portfolio protection potential of leveraged and inverse funds and do not want to lose the opportunity to use them. Options for example are much more risky and I have stopped using options to enhance return or hedge after the introduction of Leveraged ETFs.
2. Unnecessary. The SEC has not shown there is a problem that needs to be solved with respect to leveraged and inverse funds. You fail to show why these funds should be treated differently than tens of thousands of other public securities, each with their own characteristics and risks.
3. A Dangerous Precedent. Requiring that I qualify to purchase a security in the public markets would be an unjustified break with how the SECs regulation of the sale of securities in the public markets has worked for nearly 90 years. The proposal would be at odds with our long-standing system that gives investors and their advisors the freedom to make their own investment decisions.