Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Greg Surbey

March 10, 2020

Dear SEC,
You're not my mommy. You're not my daddy. You're an, old less than useless institution. Patrick Byrne is right, the white collar criminals of Wall St own you. You have held back legal blockchain in the US, and now you think that both you and my brokerage shop are smarter than me. It's obvious you're just going after inverse leverage because the market crash is going on right now it's not over either, and it's going to be deep. I've made 70% with DPK in the past month. Can't have that, can we You and Robinhood are best buds at denying market access when needed the most huh? I want to use a lot of other language towards you guys right now.... but, just stop your crap. It's the US of A and I use guns, fireworks, and inverse leverage, because I'm an adult, and it's America You useless wonks, go pack your bags and take your paraphilic infantilism to Europe or China. Get out of the free market, get out of my life.
Greg Surbey