Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Eric Bennick

March 10, 2020

I find the fact that the SEC thinks it should regulate my Individual Freedom to Invest my money as I see fit under the guise of " Protecting my Financial Interest" to be unacceptable.

I am perfectly capable of evaluating risks of a less safe investment, and fully understand the Risk v Reward Relationship of investing.

If you want to enforce regulation that increase the information brokers make available so that their investors are informed, then sure by all means prevent Ponzi schemes by forcing transparency of trading methods.

But saying that because someone may not be able to understand the risk of investments it is appropriate to limit that persons ability to invest in what is recognized as a legal enterprise or fund or other asset is a ridiculous infringement of the American Freedom to control our spending without government intervention.

Kindly stay to regulating businesses and brokers to protect the consumer/investor from dishonest and illegal practices. And leave the rights of the investor alone.

I do not appreciate my freedoms being restricted, and find the idea that any government agency thinks I am stupid enough to believe the excuse "its for my own good" personally insulting.