Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Justin Reiser

March 10, 2020

Please separate this proposal into two distinct proposals: one for leveraged funds and one for inverse funds. I argue that these two concepts are substantially different and considering them together is an unethical attempt to bias judgment.

If the SEC can confidently demonstrate that leveraged funds can negatively impact those who did not invest in them I am okay with them being regulated as there are sufficient alternatives to these investments that are safer.

On the other hand, inverse funds often don't have similarly behaving alternatives. I do not like investing in overvalued funds and at the peak of the market it is near impossible for a non professional investor to find a reasonably valued fund. If I wasn't allowed to put money into something like VIXM in this situation I would feel too risk inverse to do any new investing (which I need to continuously do if I ever want to retire). I don't see how my investment can hurt anyone else and don't want my freedom to choose limited. This is something I feel strongly about and something I will talk to my local representative about incessantly if such draconian measures are passed.