Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: James Mitchell

March 10, 2020

Your proposed changes to my ability to decide for myself weather or not I am capable to determine risk levels of certain investments is concerning.
I regularly use these volatile investments to generate a return that frankly would otherwise would not be achievable given the private central banks policy on interest rates and effects on the bond market. As I am now planning on retiring in a few short years, your proposal would rip the rug out from me and my family, as these funds are very effective on generating a very stable return by utilizing covered calls to capitalize on their inherent volatility.
All government interventions by definition are violations of ones inherent rights to live freely, and are in most cases unwarranted and destined to failure as they always cause unplanned for effects.
These leveraged and inverse funds provide an avenue that would otherwise be unavailable to the average JOE to participate in market moves which are only available to the big funds and trading houses.
Please, the old saying I am from the government and am here to help is in play here and this kind of help we surely would not appreciate.

James E Mitchell
Jackson, Michigan