Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Joseph Margio
Affiliation: Registered Professional Engineer (Florida)

March 10, 2020

I oppose the SEC's proposed leveraged/inverse funds rule if it in any way will prevent my continued investment at will in leveraged and inverse funds. I do not oppose oversight by the SEC and having established guidelines, but I strongly oppose any regulation that would prohibit me personally investing into those type of investment vehicles. I have invested in such investment vehicles for a number of years and I am well aware of the risks and the characteristics of these types of funds. I have routinely invested in these funds responsibly, achieved great rewards, and wish to continue to do so at my will. I understand the volatility of these investment vehicles and the nature of their gains and losses in multiples of the instruments that they track. During high market volatility, I monitor my investments and open positions on an hourly basis to insure that am fully aware of the gains/losses of my positions. My brokerages have provided me multiple warnings of the nature these investment vehicles and their risks, which I have read and fully understand. In closing, I reiterate that I oppose any SEC rules that will prevent me from investing in leveraged/inverse funds, and in the event that such rules are created, I urge the SEC to structure the rule such that experienced leveraged/inverse fund investors be granted exemptions from the rule, and the rule be limited to new, inexperienced investors.