Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Jason Perreault

March 10, 2020

Its my freedom to spend my money how I choose. I do not want the SEC telling me how I can or cant purchase these funds. A full review of my financial capabilities will not happen from the SEC. purchasing these funds are no different than purchasing lottery tickets or powerball. Its my choice not the SECs.

Im very opposed to this new rule the SEC is trying to put into place. Its the citizens of the US that want these funds and have the right.

If the SEC is that concerned about the volatility of the funds and the risk associated then make the prospectus and disclaimers very elementary for the normal person so they understand. Too many people dont understand because the disclaimers are full of fluff information.

I check my investments multiple times daily.

Maybe the SEC should control the nervous reactions of the market which would prevent the crushing losses and critical gains. The rollercoaster ride should not be this terrific.