Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Morgan Clements

March 10, 2020

I am a small investor and inverse funds help protect my family from the SEC's inability to ensure a consistently stable market. Inverse funds should not be only for the elite and rich Removing the ability of the small investor to work with inverse funds would be monumentally irresponsible and would have very negative impacts. Knowing I can invest in inverse funds helps me decide to invest in more traditional offerings as I am able to use them to balance risk. I am a small business owner, a military/government contractor, and I would be extremely upset if you limit inverse investing to only the elite. The SEC has not identified a problem to be fixed here, but it is clear to anyone with common sense that the SEC will be creating a problem, and making other problems worse if this moves forward. If this does move forward I will exit the markets all together due to the increased risk such a decision results in. Todays major drops in the market on March 9 were major losses for me, and many others, but because I was invested in UVXY my losses were minimized - do not take this option away from small investors like me This is the stupidest idea and it should not move forward.