Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Roxsanna Collins

March 10, 2020

To whom it may concern at the Security Exchange Commission (SEC): If there is a concern involving the risk associated with investing in LI funds I suggest that you use this as a chance to educate in opposed to your current suggestion that may limit investors rather beginner or advanced. I honestly believe that this form of pre-screening is discriminatory when we look at the individuals who will be denied access to investing in these LI Funds. There are a lot of riskier dealings occurring in the world today than investing on the stock exchange. I have not heard any talks of anyone required to provide extensive financial and personal information to the Casino where an individual can walk in a lose several thousands of dollars in hours with minimal chance of recovery. The LI funds and stock purchasing in general is a platform where an individual can purchase ownership and the risk associated with it. This purchase will prove profitable or unprofitable over time. At any time the individual has the right to sale their interest in the investment opportunity or add. So why are you trying to take this opportunity away from people and/or make it exclusive to a certain group of people? Thanks, R.Collins- MSP, BSB-ACC