Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Craig Gossen

March 6, 2020

Hello, the purpose of this letter is to provide my support of the offering of leveraged and inverse funds (LI). As a swing trader, my timeframe of holding accounts ranges from a few days to a month. My style of trading requires daily account logins to monitor and make appropriate actions within my portfolio. These accounts include retirement accounts. I utilize LI funds to help capture gains when the market turns bearish. This helps with my strategy of 8%-12% return per year no matter the market environment. In those retirement accounts, I'm unable to go short which is why these funds are critical to my trading plan. I believe all ETFs and mutual funds should be thoroughly researched similar to how most people research individual companies for stock purchase. The concept of diversified risk (typically associated with ETFs and mutual funds) equals less risk is one of the notions why people blindly buy ETFs and mutual funds. Better training that all ETFs and mutual funds have risk should be the prescribed action and not limit the investment options available. I believe my prior use of LI funds should not be restricted if the SEC restricts use of these funds moving forward. In summary, if the SEC believes that investors should not be trusted to understand the risks associated with LI funds, they should widen their view of the risks associated to all investment products.