Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: David Gremaud

March 4, 2020

It has come to my attention that the SEC has an ill advised proposal to limit the availability of leveraged and inverse funds.

Please be advised that I am totally opposed to this reckless proposal. I am quite capable to understand the risks of calls and puts, just as I am well capable of understanding the risks of leveraged and inverse funds.

I enjoy the simplicity and ease of the enhanced returns of the leveraged funds as well as the optional ability to use inverse funds to protect profits.

Furthermore, I don't understand the SEC's desire to limit the free market of investment securities when there isn't a problem.

Implementing such a draconian regulation would just create an even greater concern by driving investors to high beta stocks or call/put options that in my opinion have greater risks than the simple to understand efficient leverage and inverse funds.