Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Clarence Christiansen

February 29, 2020

My understand is that the proposed regulations, if adopted by the SEC, will require those who wish to trade leveraged and inversed funds (LI Funds) to provide extensive financial and personal information to their brokerage firm or financial advisor. After review and evaluation of this due diligence information, the brokerage firms will then decide if each of their customers who wish to use LI Funds are capable of evaluating the risks of using them. It is possible that some customers will not be permitted to continue to use LI Funds, even if they affirmatively represent that they understand and accept the risks of LI Funds. The proposed rules also may cause brokerage firms to cease offering LI Funds given the unprecedented and burdensome due diligence requirement.

That being said, I submit to you that this is an overall bad idea and in no way would I support it.