Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Nancy Marin

February 29, 2020

To the SEC:

My name is Nancy Marin and I would like to comment on Rule #S7-24-15. I have been an investor and trader of LI funds for around 5 years. Since that time, my investments have grown over 500%.

In particular, I purchased and sold shares of TECL, TECS and DRIP. These are a combination of 3X bull and bear ETFs. I understand that by paying attention to the trends in the market, there is tremendous opportunity to gain a lot of money in the short term, as well as in the long term. As with any stock purchase, the more knowledgable a consumer is of both the stock and sector the stock is in, the better chance the consumer has for success.

As I write this, the stock market is in the middle of a tremendous downturn do to the coronavirus. Since I follow news reports out of Yahoo Financial News, Wallstreet Journal, Montley Fool and CNN Finance, I knew to sell TECL (an ETF that is a combination of tech stocks) before it fell substantially last week. Thankfully, Direxion offers products for when the market gets bearish and I purchased DRIP (an ETF that is a combination of oil and gas stocks). Once the fears of the coronavirus subside, I will plan accordingly.

As someone who not only uses ETFs, but has offered advice in conversations on message boards and social media about ETFs, it is my thinking that that instead of creating restrictions to potential investors and traders to participate in ETFs, it is much better to provide education around ETFs. For example, companies could provide a link from their website to investopedia which offers a great overview of what ETFs are as well as what to look for in different sectors of the market so they can know when to buy and sell.

As an educated, avid consumer of ETFs, I implore you to not instill the proposed regulations. The word risk is usually associated with negativity, but I would argue that it is the very thing that provides the greatest opportunity, both in the stock market and life in general. It is because of ETF's that I am able to have enough money to start law school this August debt free.