Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Charles Polley

February 28, 2020

I am strongly opposed to the SEC or any govermental agency restricting my indiviudal right to invest as I see fit. It has always been abundantly clear to me that there is a risk with any investment opportunity and I see this as no different. The ability to invest in leveraged funds allow me to diversify my portfolio and take advantage and improve my returns on investment.

I have been investing over 20 year in a broad spectrum of investments through different firms and have likewise made and lost money on investments of all types from supposed safe assets to the futures market and commodities. I full well understand the risk of investing and do not want additional regulation that a third party determines what or how I am able to invest.

Capitalism and free enterprise are part of the foundation of this great nation and I strongly am opposed to additional regulation or restriction. If the goverment is so great at managing money then why is it that we have such a deficit and you are always asking for more from taxpayers. I run my budget at home and for my house much better than that I must add. I am not pleased in the least that more goverment regulation is being considered, and hopefully you will take these comments under consideration.