Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Arthur Williams

February 28, 2020

Enter your comments here.I am appalled that the SEC has taken it upon themselves to try to take away investing opportunities by limiting their access to Leverage and Inverse funds. Will the next steps be not to allow investors access to companies not showing a profit or allow investors access to investments with a certain rating ? Each investor knows the risk of these investments as well as the risks of other investments. It makes no sense to have brokerage firms decide whether I can or cannot invest in certain funds. This only allows for a difference between firms on their evaluation. Investors may have accounts with different firms and have to decide which firm has the least disqualification rules or methods. Each leverage fund provides a prospectus on the funds.
I monitor my investments on a daily basis and I am always analyzing the market. Leverage and Inverse have risk reward swings that are greater than the average stock or fund but all are susceptible to losses. So why penalize these leverage funds.