Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Tamy DeVore

February 27, 2020

I'm totally against the SEC proposing regulations limiting my choice to trade LI funds. I'm well aware of the risk and have always been provided a description of risks from my brokerage. As a day trader and swing trader, I don't feel it fair for the SEC to dictate how I invest my money, how I lose my money or which LI funds I invest in. Including any stocks for this matter. This is my choice of which I do on a daily basis. I check my stocks I have invested in throughout every day. It's made easy these days with all the technology, with being able to have the apps on my phone with my brokerage. Investing in LI funds isn't any different than someone who doesn't understand the stock market and risks and buys into a pump and dump stock and loses thousands of dollars. I'm an adult, not a child and do not need anyone dictating to me how, where and when I chose to invest. Especially the SEC. Putting restraints on trading LI funds, will really put a restraint on the middle class, (like myself) who is trying to make money towards their retirement.