Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Gabriel Schneider

February 27, 2020

Please keep leveraged funds available to all investors.

If leveraged funds are restricted to accredited or wealthy investors only, the wealth gap in the country will increase as the rich get richer in sophisticated products while everybody else languishes in plain old index funds.

I invest in Direxion Technology Bull 3X because I am bullish on the sector over the long term. Just as all capital decisions involve a prediction of the future which no man or woman is perfectly granted, this decision can result in the opposite of what I predict. I accept the risk in exchange for the possible reward. This is a decision that I make from stock to stock, from fund to fund, and my preference might very well be even higher risk for a possible higher return than these funds.

I have been closely monitoring my investments for ten years and I have stood strong during severe market swings. I am a holder of an economics degree from an Ivy League school and my education included mathematical analysis of securities and my investing experience was founded upon that knowledge.

I do not want a third party evaluating my capability of investing in these funds because they may unjustly prevent me from buying them.