Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Phillip Dyer

February 27, 2020

1. What is this? Are you attempting to create a Millionaire's Club? Only the super rich may have access to certain capital markets?
2. Free Markets? Really?
3. What then would prevent you from making a rule that dictates an individual investor can no longer buy a recently IPO'd stock until the stock hits a certain price, etc., etc., or, no more options?
5. Who is writing these rules? Bernie Sanders? Elizabeth Warren. Has President Trump read this? I can guarantee you he will see my comments.
4. Your new proposed rule would make Orson Welles proud. 1984 has finally arrived...
5. Challenge: Why not simply allow investors, along with the regulators, to take a reading comprehension test. Are your people confident they would pass?
6. What business is it of the government to look into my finances or decide what is best for the advancement of my financial success and that of my family.
7. Please publicize the names of the individuals cooking this nonsense up.