Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Bryan Williams

February 27, 2020

Enter your comments here. Every broker at which I have held an account has exercised due diligence in testing for customer suitability regarding these securities. Although I held multiple securities licenses for 30 years, I would be very upset if my access to these securities were curtailed by regulation. Although I choose to no longer spend the considerable amount of money required to maintain a securities license, I still retain the knowledge accumulated through years employed as a securities professional. There is no doubt that these securities are not for everyone. They are not widely advertised nor pushed by securities brokers. Investors must demonstrate a fair amount of knowledge and risk tolerance before they are permitted to trade them. If some securities firms are being lax in their due diligence, sanction them but do not penalize the section of the investing public with the knowledge and skill to evaluate the risk inherent in trading these securities. The SEC should continue to let the Securities Industry self-regulate in instances where no abuses or unscrupulous customer activities have been found. Do not penalize sophisticated investors by creating artificially high barriers when they are not needed.