Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Carol Yam

February 23, 2020


This iconic Revolutionary War symbol/flag initially stood for individualism and personal freedom at a time when American colonies were breaking away from the tyranny of Great Britain over their personal lives and particularly their finances.

In today's world it still represents the same thing to me and comes to mind as I find out that my government deems itself fit to be my "nanny" in my personal financial affairs. Granted, regulation is not a new aspect of government activity, but in this case of banning me from using leveraged and inverse ETFs for my family's benefit (and to no one else's detriment), it smacks of self-serving, willful and indefensible interference.

I respectfully request that the SEC leave well enough alone with respect to my personal investing and turn its attention to matters more worthy of SEC oversight and regulation relating to the public good - e.g., insider trading, fraudulent prospectuses, market manipulation, etc.

Thank you for your very careful and serious consideration of my and others' comments concerning our rights to freedom of choice in our personal financial matters. Please remember that the enacting of Rule #S7-24-15 will have significantly negative consequences for families as well as institutions currently operating successfully with financial instruments that have been in use for over 15 years.

Carol Yam