Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Jeffrey Schuman

February 23, 2020

At a time when the United States and all world governments are running trillion dollar deficits, perpetuating artificially low interest and in many cases negative interest rates,I find it ludicrous that the government, through the SEC, is concerned about protecting small investors from themselves. The leveraged and inverse ETF funds provide provides a diversified portfolio that in fact reduces risk to the small investor who might otherwise find themselves margining their long or short position in a single stock. I am perfectly qualified and capable of understanding the risks that accompany leveraged and inverse funds. My best performing security investment in the past 10 years has been Pro Shares Ultra Health Care Fund. I do not need nor do I want a third party deciding whether I am qualified to make a prudent decision on this or any other publically traded security. The best interest of the public will be served if the government, through the SEC or its other agencies manages the systematic risks associated with derivatives, cybersecurity and unicorn IPOs. Insure the integrity of the investment based on accurate financial reporting and integrity of the sponsor and allow investors and advisors to make their own decisions regarding risk. I'm sure the intentions are good, but the SEC is not and should not take on the role of investment advisor.