Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Andrew Gargus

February 21, 2020

SEC Commission Members: as a self-employed business man since 1984 working in technical fields, managing my SEP-IRA investments is very important to my retirement.
Regarding proposed Rule #S7-24-15 to restrict leveraged investment products, my appeal is to leave the free market alone. These products are important to me and my adviser especially offering downside protection to my investments. I understand the risks plus the value and utilize these instruments with knowledgeable care.
Currently my investment experience totals 30 years.
Again, please leave the free market system to operate on its own including the leveraged investment instruments. Restricting them may create a dangerous precedent for the future.
Respectfully, Andrew Gargus, professional chemist, chemE, business owner and member of the Snyder Co Planning Commission in PA.