Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Asif popal

February 21, 2020

Hello and hope all is well.

Im writing to you in regards to Rule#7-24-15 and I come find that average ETFs traders and investors like myself are going to be restricted from engaging in trading or investing in ETFs in the near future but Im already restricted from buying or selling ETFS such as VXX, vixy and other related ETFS and Im not happy about this dramatic change which has impacted my investment practices and financial goals in a negative way because I used to trade ETFS and still have SQQQ in which I have lost several thousands of dollars and now all of the sudden Im not able to trade those securities anymore and take my losses. Which I find very unfair and discouraging by this act thats being stripping me of my freedom to make my own decisions and trade freely as before that we have been doing for the past 90 years.

I would kindly request the securities exchange and SEC to avoid the Rule for the benefit the majority and let investors be free of this unfair rule.

Respectful yours,
Asif P.