Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Christopher Paduano

February 21, 2020

I am already fully invested in ProShares Inverse Fund: SQQQ.
The SEC will have no right to alter, shut down or prevent me from staying in this fund.
So far I have lost 75% of my investment due to the fact that between the FEDERAL RESERVE manipulating the stock market with unwarranted low interest rates and quantitative easing, and PRO SHARES constantly adding hundreds of thousands of shares to SQQQ out of thin air and then constantly preforming a 1:4 reverse splits to take away my shares and then once again add 100,000 shares to SQQQ and do another 1:4 reverse split again and again until I no longer have any shares left. This is completely CRIMINAL on both the FED's and PRO SHARE's part.
Now just before the stock market is going to tank by at least 60 percent, the SEC plans to block the small investors from making their money back or making a profit when the markets tank.
Nice try, but I plan on filing a class action lawsuit against anyone or any organization that prevents me from making my money back.
Just one more example of the Government in bed with the banks.