Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Michael Sherman

February 21, 2020

I just read about the idea of imposing regulations on investors who want to invest and trade leveraged or contra ETFs. Unbelievable on so many levels
First Selling naked options has more potential to get an investor upside down.
Second Volatile times makes the markets move must faster and steeper. Maybe you should regulate the market and impose restrictions on investing in volatile periods?
Third Personal Accountability? We have to be responsible for our own actions and how we choose to invest our money. We dont need a government agency trying to protect AND ultimately tax every move we make. As an investor, its my responsibility to understand what I am investing in Thats why so many instruments say, read the prospectus. If I dont understand it, there are plenty of brokers and financial planners/consultants who make livings at explaining and managing these issues for those who cant.
Leveraged and contra ETFs have great places in some portfolios to hedge holdings and mitigate risk. Please move on to some other areas of the markets that actually need adjusting and regulating, like market makers using algorithms to invest. This is market manipulation and should be and probably is illegal. This activity goes on daily and costs the individual investors, millions of dollars annually.