Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Reginald Bowman

February 20, 2020

Hello SEC,

Reading this proposal has brought up a couple of questions. What is a free market? How does it truly work? For this proposal to even come up is down right questionable for it shows that maybe there isnt a free market so why would you do this now? I know Im not the only one bought into these so you do understand the repercussions of these actions? Or how could this benefit anyone especially the small investors who are going off of gut instinct or reading the nitty gritty details everyday balancing there portfolios. Let us remain to make our own decisions and let it be known that we understand the risks involved but also the great rewards. Because isnt that the whole point of a free market. Or are we all wrong?

Very respectfully and with sincere regards,
Reginald Bowman, Jr.