Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Terry Williams

February 20, 2020

Hello -
I received this notice about the proposed regulations you are considering because I am a shareholder in 3 of the ProShares funds.
This is galling. Do you, as the powers that be in the SEC, feel somehow that you are missing the bandwagon of complete control and manipulation of Americans, like Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bit Data (aka, Brother), Big Ag, etc.? Do you really have to get your fingers in the control pie?
The availability of funds, whether high-risk or not, seem to be a choice granted us as citizens to learn and use to our benefit, or not. Those that cannot deal with the market and perceived risk should rightly stay out of it, which it seems they do because so many Americans now cannot exist in the U.S. on what they earn - whether it is working or investing. Why would you consider taking that freedom away from us? Unless, of course, the answer is as I suggest above - you want power and control. Who is really spearheading this? You, or maybe some other Big Control industry????
What do you have to gain by watching potentially many people's lives destroyed by poverty, rather than letting a potential few learn from their mistakes?
Please, for those of us who are fully capable of taking care of ourselves, give up the idea of being so meddlesome