Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Luke B

February 20, 2020


I am an individual investor and I am strongly opposed to any propositions to restrict consumers' access to leveraged financial products. Since the demise of the ETF 'XIV' -- which even I had bought 5 shares of not long before its collapse -- I feel that the companies in this space have been good operators and have made the risks clear to purchasers. Some companies have even reduced the leverage ratios, like I believe for UVXY. All of this is clearly stated, as are the risks, and my broker has even added additional splash screens that appear once you enter a ticker symbol for a leveraged ETF and try to preview a trade. These steps are welcomed and are also sufficient. These products play a vital role in the accounts of many investors and we should be free to continue to buy them without additional burdens being placed on us. Restricting access to these products would be anti-capitalist and honestly would be an affront to our strong system of public markets.

Thank you for your consideration.