Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: david robinson

February 20, 2020

I is unwise and dangerous to investors like myself to limit the ability to invest in leveraged or inverse funds. I use such funds in limited amounts to hedge markets. It is a cheaper way to invest than using puts or calls and can dollar cost into such funds. It also has advantages because I have the ability to view my holdings in a single folio so I am better able to evaluate my portfolio. Making such moves restricts my ability to invest in a timely and secure manner. The US stock market has been around in different ways since the beginning of our nation and has progressed to make small investors like myself best able to judge what is helpful in gaining wealth. In addition as no one can predict the direction of the various markets with much accuracy having a small position in funds that have leverage or use inverse methods builds a sense of caution that the markets will continually rise. Anyone investing in the market should be allowed to make there own decisions and be given true and honest facts as to the nature of investments. The SEC role should be to insure that true and honest facts are given and punish wrong dowers.